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KIOS gratefully acknowledges City Kidz and their 20 years of ministry to children in Hamilton. Their example and practical guidance has played a significant role in the formative development of the KIOS program, and from whom we have borrowed many ideas and concepts.

The KIOS Mission

The Mission:  To encourage and inspire hope and dreams for all children in Owen Sound, especially those in low-income families, by providing inspirational experiences and nurturing personal relationships, one child at a time.

The KIOS Mission Goals

The Goals:

• To inspire children to dream big and to rise above their circumstances.

• To instill Biblically based values and teach children to do the right thing.

• To provide new experiences and environments that inspire kids to unlimited possibilities.

• To provide positive role models that build relationships with every child.

• To empower youth to be role models and provide opportunities to lead.

The KIOS Program

KIOS is a free 90 minute program for children ages 6 & up (as of September 1st), on selected Saturdays September through May, at The Salvation Army Owen Sound Community Church, 365 14th Street West. Space is limited and all children must be pre-registered.

The program combines the following four ingredients with lots and lots of fun!